Rihanna for River Island RTW FAll 2013

Rihanna has been curating a new style aesthetic for the past few months, a sporty/sexy mix that finds her one day in Timbs and jeans, and another in an understated skin clinging spaghetti strapped dress and simple ankle strap heels. For casual excursions and airport pit stops, you’ll see her in loose fit trousers and t-shirts. When she glams up for a night out, her slim yet curvy build can make even the most unassuming tank dress or high slit skirt shine. Her collection for River Island, which debuted last night in London, speaks to her current fashionable proclivities. Cropped tops, Varsity jackets, and slick pencil skirts reigned supreme, as did high cut swimsuits and form skimming floral separates.

Sunday Feb 17 @ 08:35am
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